Can you replace my windshield?
We no longer replace auto glass. Give us a call and we can refer you to a company.


Only one glass panel is broken on the double pane window, why do I have to replace both?
Insulated Units are sealed together with a butyl compound that holds each pane to the spacer. Removing the glass from the spacer is not economical. Instead, it is more cost efficient and feasible to build a new insulated unit.


Do I need to be home for quote or install?
Nope. To be honest, only about 20% of the homeowners are ever home when we quote or do work on their home. We have built a trust with the community and are known for the quality of our work that is second to none. We understand that customers are seasonal and while they are in town they may not want work being done on their vacation time. As long as we have a way to get in to provide an accurate quote or perform work, you do not have to be in town. Whether the homeowner is in residence or not, during install we take EVERY precaution while installing.


What is your warranty on windows?
There is a 5 year manufacture warranty against fogging/seal failure. This does not cover labor to replace the window. No warranties against breaking of any kind. If a window is tinted after we install it, the warranty is voided.


Will Frameless Glass Shower Leak?
There are certain plumbing placement issues that can create leaks with any shower door or shower enclosure. As long as the shower head is not shooting water directly at the seams of the door or enclosure, there should be no problem sealing the glass to prevent any leakage from occurring. If you are doing a complete remodel, it is best to get us together with your general contractor to come up with the optimal design and placement of the plumbing and fixtures in your shower.


Can you rescreen or make new window and door screens?
Yes, bring your screens to our shop for rescreens. Give us a call to schedule one of our technicians to measure for a new window or door screen.


Can you cut my glass to another size?
Depending on what you need cut, in most instances we can cut your glass down. However, if the glass has been tempered, we are unable to alter it in any way, as it will explode.


Do you have a showroom?
We have a full showroom that displays our shower enclosures, mirrors, and all of the edges that we can provide. We also carry small samples of glass that you can take home if you'd like.

Thickness Consideration:


3/32" Thick

  • Picture frames

  • Small insulated glass units

  • Cannot be tempered

1/8" Thick

  • Insulated glass units

  • Small cabinet door panels

  • Some specialty glass

5/32" Thick

  • Insulated glass units

  • Small cabinet door panels

  • Most specialty glass

3/16" Thick

  • Insulated glass units

  • Larger cabinet door panels

  • Not recommended for protective table tops

  • Smaller mirrors

1/4" Thick

  • All general glass applications

  • Larger mirrors

  • Not recommended for table tops

3/8" Thick

  • Shower doors and enclosures

  • Shelves

  • Table tops

  • Larger door panel inserts

1/2" Thick

  • Larger shower doors and enclosures

  • Larger shelves

  • Larger table tops

  • Countertops

3/4" Thick

  • Very large table tops

  • Very large shelves

  • Larger countertops